Meet the Team

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John E. Besser

Founder & CEO

Although born in Ohio – is a naturalized Arizonan that can no longer tolerate cold weather, and he roots for the Arizona Cardinals on Sundays. John has a very extensive and unique real estate resume. He started off in his teen years, helping his family in construction and irrigation. As a young adult, he ran maintenance crews and could handle any issue ranging from plumbing and HVAC to carpentry.

After accumulating all the ins-and-outs of home building, he ventured down the path of mortgages. If you ever see John sign a contract, you quickly notice that he reads every word – a habit picked up from being cautious while handling these high value legal documents, and tightened up while he was receiving his Bachelor’s in Public Administration from NAU.

This attention to detail and level of scrutiny has served him well, and led him to his final calling: real estate sales and property management. He has had the privilege of serving hundreds of unique clients and has gotten to know many of them on a personal level. A handyman’s life would have been too solitary for him, as John is always eager to offer a helping hand and meet new people. John has been a very successful property manager, as he has doubled Hazelwood’s growth in just one year.

In his personal life, John is extremely dedicated to his family. He has been married since 1991, with two daughters, and four Godchildren who brighten every day. He attends church service at least twice a week, and participates in every extracurricular church activity he can. He is also a NARPM member, and currently finishing his Certified Real Property Management classes, so that he can continue to be a leading property manager.


Candice Gohman - Associate Broker/Property Manager 

Candice has been in property management for over 20 years. Being from a Property Management family, Candice grew up around it, as her uncle was a property management tycoon that owned several apartment communities throughout Arizona, Texas, and California.

Holding several degrees, Candice is an extremely intelligent person, who adds so much to our team. She is well versed in Arizona Landlord Tenant Laws, and continues to learn so that she can be a leading property manager.

Candice loves spending time with her family, and is soon to be a grandma!


We would be lost without them!


Julia - Content Writer

Julia's position with our company is very important, as she is the content writer for our website, as well as our blogs. We hope you enjoy Julia's work! Look for a new blog every month!


Alrora - Marketing Assistant

Alrora is a great addition to the Hazelwood team. With her help, Hazelwood continues to grow as a company, while keeping our values at heart!







Elizabeth - Accounting Assistant

Elizabeth has been our Accounting Assistant since we first started our company, and even before that! She helps with company deposits, withdraws, and owner draws!