Property Management in the Phoenix Metro Area can get confusing, and while the information below is not legal advice or advocating for self-management, we believe the information below is standard in our industry


What Makes HazelwoodPM Different?

HazelwoodPM is a locally owned and operated company that believes in delivering excellent service to our customers, as well as integrity and transparency.  We are here to prove that you can have a successful property management firm, while keeping the best interest of our owners at heart, and treating our tenants fairly. We want you to know that you will be well taken care of here at HazelwoodPM.

When will I get my Rental Revenue? 

HazelwoodPM automatically deposits your payments into your account on the 15th of the month. Why do we wait this long? Due to laws already set in place, we cannot give you your funds until it first settles in our account. This is the earliest we can send this to you, while still following the laws set in place.

What happens if my tenant pays late? 

If your tenant pays after the 15th, HazelwoodPM splits the continuing late fees with you! Not only do we earn these late fees through several attempts to collect the past due rent, but you deserve some late fees, too!  Think about it, if you have a mortgage, is your mortgage company going to charge you if your late?  While they collect fees in this scenario, so should you!

How long will it take to rent my house?

HazelwoodPM typically has an average vacancy rate of 10 days, as we do most of our renting before your current tenant even vacates.  While we cannot guaranty exactly how long it can take for any home to rent, we also don't charge any management fees to homes that are vacant when they are signed up, until the home has been rented and money collected from the tenant.   Have a vacant home?  Not a problem!  We are sure we can rent it out soon too!

How do you help me save money?

HazelwoodPM helps you save money in and through every process and procedure required of maintaining a rental property. Utilizing several maintenance connections we have, forcing them to stay competitive with each other keeps costs down.
We also have a high success rate of lease renewals!  The majority of the we place in homes are staying for approximately four years. This helps you save not only on vacancy time, but also on unwanted maintenance costs in order to get the property "rent ready" for the next tenant!

Why do you approve tenants without first asking me?

It is actually a very bad idea for YOU to approve tenants! Why? HazelwoodPM is a professional company that is well versed in Fair Housing rules.  We don't want you to fall victim to making a mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars in court fees.  As we represent many owners we have set qualifying that must be met by our tenants.  Fair Housing Laws are always being challenged in court, and all applications have to be treated fairly, and distancing yourself from this process is protection.  If an owner has a request, that does not violate any laws or regulations, we are more then happy to accommodate those requests.


If you are needing or seeking legal, tax or insurance advice you need to contact those professionals directly.


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