Why hire a property management company?

Free up your time? Yes. Ease your mind? Yes. Those are obvious, but what else does a property management company do? We provide a rigorous background check to find you the very best tenants. This may seem extreme, but our average tenants stay is about four years. We personally interview all the perspective tenants to get a good sense of their character which alleviates many concerns with tenant quality.

Marketing in the right channels for vacant properties is another tool of the trade for property managers. Knowing what to say to attract the appropriate tenant is what we specialize in. We average about two weeks from vacancy to tenant acquisition.

We also have long histories with our vendors such as handymen, HVAC, plumbers, electricians, etc. This gives us the advantage of receiving discounts since we deliver them repeat business. That is extra savings for you! We also have personally renovated and remodeled homes and we are familiar with the costs – only fair prices will be accepted. We are quick to respond to maintenance requests and keep our tenants happy. We inspect our vacant houses on a regular basis to ensure the houses are undisturbed. Recommendations will also be provided based on what improvements should be made to keep the property competitive in its local market.

Watching the real estate market and discerning trends is another one of our duties. Not only do we attain the best market price for your rent, we will also advise on times to buy and sell.

Knowledge of Arizonan property management laws is a key component to successful property management. We are well versed on the Fair Housing, real estate, and environmental laws that could impact your properties and execute procedures properly.

Actual Testimonials from our Happy Clients: 

When I bought my home in 2005, my Realtor/Broker Candice made the process so much easier to understand and to go through. When there was a problem with a builder, she was right there to let them know what the problem was, and was there to schedule it to be corrected. If I was going to be in the market for another home, buying or renting, I would use Candice again.

Jan R - Casa Grande, AZ


When we were renovating our home, I was so thankful that John was there to help us every step of the way. Without his knowledge, we would have been completely lost! 

T.J. G - Gilbert, AZ


These are some great property managers! As a tenant, I actually find it hard to find a company who cares about their renters, but that isn't the case with Hazelwood! They handled my maintenance repairs in such a timely way that I have no complaints about this company. 

Elizabeth B - Phoenix, AZ













Some video reviews may be reenacted by actors, but may share the same beliefs or have been real testimonies from real clients of Hazelwood PM.