What Happened to the Hazelwoodpm.com website?

Yesterday, while we were in the process of installing our SSL on the site, we ran into issue with assigning the SSL to a subdomain in our hosting account.  We ended up deleting the original Hazelwoodpm.com site to assign it as the main domain.  Once that was done, the SSL took to our domain and our hosting account like a duck to water.

Why does this all matter to you?  An SSL is a Secure Socket Layer. This is an additional security measure that protects the information you enter into our online forms, so that we are the only people that can view your information.  Still wondering what this means?  When you visit our site, even if you are sitting in our office, our site travels through several servers before it gets to you.  The same thing happens to the information you put in our site, and only people with access to the domain and hosting can install the SSL.  The only people with access to the information you have entered is your Hazelwood property manager.

The next question is: How can you tell who’s site has an SSL?  It is very simple, that is the “s” at the end of “https” on the left of the browser bar.  You will also see an icon of a padlock in the browser bar.

Hazelwoodpm takes your internet privacy seriously, all pages are protected with an SSL!  Because your information needs to be protected, we use a Hash algorithm SHA-2 / 256-Bit encryption.  SSL’s are required by law when collecting sensitive information.

We do apologize for all inconveniences this may have created, we are working to get our site back up and running in a secured and improved manner.  If you have reached out by email or phone, we will be getting back to you within 1 business day.

~ Your Hazelwoodpm.com

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